Gamro or Sweet Dew Tea – Small leaves – South Korea

A fresh Gamro, Sweet Dew Tea just arrived. This variety of Gamro has small leaves. It is a bit more intense in flavor, aroma and color than regular Gamro. The slight sweet refreshing taste not only reminds of the friendship but also the early morning bucolic atmosphere. The tea came as a gift from my South Korean friend Park.

Gamro tea brewed on the small pot. Here only one tea leaf is sufficient for the brisk yellow brew. As the teacups are filled the typical fragrance flows in the air

Few years ago my friend and I were walking in Seoul, saw a girl in a store promoting a tea, giving small portions to drink. We tried and I bought 2 packages right away. That was Gamro, and it has been a fascinating tea since then.

The Gamro tea leaves are very delicate. Being light and twisted they can remain intact in the bottle. Their asymmetrical shape gives a sparkle to the teapot.

The bright yellow color of the Gamro tea is contrasted by the brown orange color of the infused leaf. The hydrated leaf shows a distinctive texture

Gamro or Sweet Dew Tea – South Korea

The Gamro Tea ( aka Sweet Dew Tea) is made with the leaves of hydrangea serrata . It has a peculiar sweet (sugarless) and refreshing taste. The instructions on the package indicate that aroma and flavor varies with the length of the brewing time. First put boiling water into a teacup and put one leaf of the tea. After soaking for few seconds a yellow color develops, then greenish. Taste the tea until the flavor develops to your taste, them take the leaf out and enjoy the tea. It can be replenished.
An alternate method is the use of a teapot and transferring the tea after few minutes, then replenishing with hot water.

Two tea leaves of the Gamro Tea. The shape and size of the leaves is not uniform. The leaves are very delicate. The color is light green brown.

This was my first can of Gamro tea purchased in Seoul, South Korea. A store was distributing small samples of the tea. After tasting could not resit and purchased two cans. It is a very unusual tea.