Tea shops near the Yu Garden, Shanghai, China

In the surroundings of the Yu Garden (aka as Yu Yang) in Shanghai there are many tea shops mostly for tourists that want to taste different teas and buy some for use or as a gift. For many people this is the first time they experience the Chinese teas. The shop area is an old part of the town that keeps the traditional buildings in very good shape and clean.

Typical street view on the area near the Yu Garden. The traditional buildings on the foreground and the new constructions on the background create a nice cultural contrast

The tea quality is average to good, enough to be a nice drinkable tea. In the shops they always serve free tea. They make nice demonstrations on how to prepare and drink tea. Visitors sit around the table to enjoy the teas without obligation to buy. It is always fun to go to those stores and spend time tasting teas, also buying gifts, ceramic and utensils for tea making. There are always something to enjoy and learn.

In this nice store you can find all the ceramic and utensils to make tea. There are a significant price difference between the common and high quality items

Here are few pictures of a typical tea shop. The key area is a large wood table carved with multiple levels. The table has a place to brew the tea, serve and store all accessories for tea making. The water is heated with the electric kettle allowing to have always the water in the proper temperature for each type of tea. There are channels in the carved wood to collect the water spilled from the cups. The water is directed to small holes that convey the water to the bottom of the table where it is collected in a glass container.

Nice tea shop with the solid wood table and benches. The store is well lit

Top view of the table. The hot water bottle is on the left, the tea utensils on the middle and large tea can on the top right

The stores usually have many types of teas, ceramic pots and wood utensils. Most of them have everything needed for tea starters.
It is typical to have girls serving and selling tea. They are very polite, educated and speak good English. They have a reasonable knowledge of the teas and know how to sell pretty well. The tea packaging is very nice, either in nice boxes or cans.

The tea for sale are stored nicely on either metal or glass containers. The containers are tightly closed to avoid drying

7 thoughts on “Tea shops near the Yu Garden, Shanghai, China

  1. When I visited the gardens it was so crowded that there was no possibility of sitting down for a cup of tea. It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone was out enjoying the wonderful weather. Thank you for sharing… I was able to enjoy the moment through your lens…

    • Thanks for your comment, glad to know you enjoyed the tour. The place can be very crowded particularly during Summer and when the tourist groups come over. If possible is better to go very early in the morning to observe the city to wake up. Maybe next time you go to Shanghai you will have an opportunity to go back to the garden and enjoy tea and good time.

  2. Muito legal podermos ir nos introduzindo, pouco a pouco, nessa cultura tão diferente, pelas tuas vivências

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